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May 27, 2019
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May 31, 2019

Its popularity might lead you to believe otherwise, but the Princess Cut diamond has only been around since the early 1980s

This is fairly recent considering other classic cuts aging back centuries. But hear the words princess cut and you’re instantly transported into the realm of romance, dreaming about your wedding day.

That’s the power of this square modified brilliant with breathtaking scintillation and fire. And one of the main reasons behind this power is that this particular cut will have you feeling like a princess at a lower cost than any other brilliant cut of the same size.

Cut, clarity, and colour in a princess cut

When considering the cut of your princess diamond, it’s important to make sure that the table percentage is not higher than the depth percentage. The table is the upper surface and runs flat across, while the depth refers to the distance between top and bottom of the gem.

Using these dimensions, a princess diamond can either be more square or rectangular in shape. What you decide on depends entirely on your personal preference and budget, as more rectangular shapes tend to run at a lower cost.

Princess diamonds generally have high clarity grades. This is because the shape helps to hide minute inclusions very well. What you should look out for, however, is any inclusions and chipping on the four corners.

When it comes to the colour of a princess diamond, it reflects light so well that sometimes it’s hard for people to see the actual colour of the stone. For this reason, many opt for reduced colour in exchange for higher clarity and weight (carats).

Setting the scene

Another factor contributing to the absolute popularity of the princess cut diamond is the fact that it looks stunning in just about any setting. This flexibility caters to a wide variety of tastes, which means any woman will be able to find the perfect setting for her princess diamond.

Because of its exquisite shape, a princess diamond reigns supreme as a solitaire. Although, if you prefer a more modern twist with added sparkle, you could go for more diamonds in a channel setting.

In fact, a princess diamond will look great no matter your preference. That’s why it remains a popular choice for engagement and wedding bands. Timeless beauty, budget-friendly, and adaptable to different tastes.

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