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What’s the custom jewellery Process?

The beauty of bespoke Jewellery is that it is completely unique to you. We are often spoilt for choice with many ready-to-wear pieces that holds little to no sentimental value.

When it comes to creating memorable Jewellery there’s a certain allure to having it made just for you, especially if it’s for a special event such as an engagement or a wedding day. By getting a highly skilled and creative jeweller to custom design your jewellery, allows you to be included every step of the way.

By getting an experienced jeweller to help create your unique engagement ring or any other jewellery piece for that matter, starts with a consultation. This serves as a good opportunity to talk about your story, ideas and the feelings to incorporate into your unique piece of jewellery.

From the consultation, basic sketches begin to breathe life into your custom design jewellery. The designer will discuss wearability and comfort depending on the stone quality and precious metals choices that you’ve made.

After you’ve given your approval of the sketches the next step in the process is the jewellery rendering. We create a realistic 3D model of your ring to give you the clearest visualization possible. This is done by using computer software such as CAD. The photo-realistic image is altered to perfection to meet your expectations before we proceed to the next step.

If our experts are providing the centre stone, we will provide our hand-selected stones for you to choose your favourite from. Or if you are shopping for diamonds on your own, make sure to read our previous blog article which covers great insights into diamond characteristics and what to look out for.

After the jewellery renders have been approved by you and you’re sure about your choice, the head designer at Ickinger will create a wax model for you. The great thing about wax models is that it provides a hands-on preview of your final custom-designed piece. And this step makes sure that the custom jewellery CAD renders fit properly into the 3D accurate model.

The final and last step in the process is casting and finishing. This is where it all comes together. The experts handcraft the metal version based on the renders that were created, and the metal is then shined, textured and detailed to your custom design piece.

Then the master Gem setter takes over and sets each stone into the setting with the utmost care and precision. And after the final inspection of accuracy and quality by the head jeweller at Ickinger, you’ll be presented with your unique custom designed jewellery piece that’s sure to leave you impressed.

August 5, 2020

What’s The Custom Jewelry Design Process

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