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Popular metal choices

Men have several choices when it comes to wedding bands. In recent year’s wood, titanium and carbon fibre has become popular choices although silver, gold and white gold remain popular choices too. Choosing your ideal metal type depends solely on your personality and preferences. Pop in for a consultation at Ickinger so we can discuss your ideal wedding ring and take your ring size. All of our jewellery is custom-made to fit and look perfectly.

Tie clips

Another popular accessory for men, although it’s not as common as it used to be. Tie clips is not considered a must-have but can certainly take your formal look to the next level. The benefit of a tie clip is that your tie stays in place and you look neat all the time. Don’t go overboard, simplicity is key.

Paired with a set of cufflinks, it also makes a great men’s gift for a family member or a friend. We do personal engravings at Ickinger, so you can make your gift extra special with a meaningful engraving. Visit our store or contact us to find out more.


Once again, we have an accessory that comes down to personal preference. Some men like wearing bracelets, others haven’t made up their minds yet. Bracelets are the perfect wrist companion other than a watch of course. No need to go overboard but you certainly don’t have to fear wearing one.

Embrace colour and you’ll be rewarded with compliments but forget the leather bracelet you wore in high school. Mix things up to seem less stale although some prefer wearing only a certain type of men’s bracelet, which is still okay. Another tip we have is to pick a bracelet that matches your favourite watch, it will just balance your look even more.

April 12, 2021

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