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Vintage rings for the vintage lady.

Vintage rings are loved by many because its timeless and very elegant. Not only that, vintage rings form part of a legacy and can be passed down to future generations.

To symbolise your love for your Mom, we’ve listed four of our Vintage rings from our Collection:

  • Oval Garnet White Gold: This is a charming, unique, and a phenomenal gift.
  • Yellow Gold Band: This is a majestic, and elegant ring to gift.
  • Victorian Rose Gold Band: A noble, magnificent yet enchanting gift.
  • White Gold Two Stoned: A very extraordinary, trendy, and stunning ring to consider.

Jewellery is a great piece that can be handed down to the next generations which will ensure that a specific jewellery piece will always be in the family for many years ahead.

As mentioned above, the importance of mothers cannot be exaggerated. They’ll sacrifice every need and wants of their own for the wants and needs of their family. Mothers are remarkable; and they play a vital role in our lives and households.

ICKINGER Jewellery does custom designs and engravings for any jewellery. This means your mother will get a sentimental gift which is a perfect way to show her that you care. Suppose you are looking for a jewellery piece that will make a statement or want to invest in an authentic gem piece. In that case, handcrafted jewellery outdoes mass-produced jewellery, because every piece is completely unique and can’t be replicated

Handmade jewellery is our forte and it can’t be matched by generic mass-produced jewellery pieces. We bring our speciality and your vision to create spectacular and timeless jewellery pieces. We want to make sure that the results will be of the finest quality and mirror the individual characteristics of every client. The difference between mass-produced and hand-made jewellery is that hand-made items carries a unique aesthetic. Whilst mass-produced items have no individuality and uniqueness – they are all the same.


ICKINGER Jewellery prefers to deal in something more exotic, we are more than happy to leave mass-produced jewellery with the shopping malls and most department stores. Our most tremendous pride lies within the quality of our custom-made jewellery – designed with many decades of experience.

Achieving the final perfection only begins with the relationship we have with every client that can’t be found in many department stores. The utmost focus, time, patience, and most significant level of care for each design is the main thing missing in mass production. We can all agree that the quality matters, not the quantity.

This is the most excellent reason our customers are the height of our business. We will work extremely hard and tirelessly to ensure that their ideas and desires are materialised in the way they want.

We recommend considering the benefits of hand-made jewellery that can be customed to your preference. Especially if you want to design a piece of jewellery with a special meaning and a unique sense of style as a gift for your Mommy dearest.

May 1, 2023

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