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Types of watch movements


Automatic watches get their power from mechanical movement that’s generated from the natural motion of the watch wearer. When you decide to take it off, it will stop the movement until you decide to wear it again.

Manual / Mechanical

A manual movement, commonly known as a hand-wound watch, is one of the oldest types of watch movements. They are the most traditional types of movements and are usually found in collectable watches. If you want a traditional old-school watch, this is one you might want to consider.

Quartz movements

Quarts-powered watches are battery-operated and requires no winding at all. It is the most typical type of movement we see in watches today. When it comes to accuracy quartz movements are far more accurate than mechanical movements.


Then there’s the chronograph which operates from a separate time system that serves as a stopwatch. Most chronographs have three small dials within the main dial of the watch.

Chronograph watches typically have two buttons on the side. One that starts/stops the watch and then one to reset the watch. If you like detail this is a watch for you.

Different watch styles for men

Typically, a man should have a collection of three distinct types of watches. One for when you need to attend formal events, one for when you are outdoors and then one that you use for everyday wear.

The type of watch you wear says a lot about your personality without having to speak a word. When fitting your watch, it should sit comfortably around your wrist without too much movement. When you pick up your hand it shouldn’t slide more than a few centimetres.

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