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Types of Garnets

There are six main varieties of garnets:

1. The Almandine, the most commonly found garnet, has a deep scarlet colour with an orange to brown tinge.

2. The Andradite is the most lustrous of all garnets. There are three varieties – the rare Demantoid has a deep shade of green, while Melanite or black garnet is an opaque black and the Topazolite has a yellow colour while some varieties also include a brownish hue.

3. Grossularite is made up of several varieties, each with unique features. The most common are Tsavorites, which has a deep shade of green that is similar to emeralds, and Hessonite has a distinct orange to orange-brown hue.

4. The Pyrope has the signature scarlet colour associated with garnets. Their colour can range from a vibrant scarlet to violet. The Rhodolite, a blended species, is a mesmerising deep red with a violet hue.

5. The Spessartine is the rarest and admired for its translucent lustre. Often called Garnet of the Sun or mandarin garnet, these gemstones can range from a pale yellow to a deep reddish-orange.

6. Uvarovite is a soft garnet distinguishable by its emerald green hue. They form in small, uniform crystals making them extremely rare and valuable.

January 28, 2020

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