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Perfect Timepieces For Father’s Day

With father’s day just around the corner, let’s honour them with a special gift

Here are some awesome gifts for Dad online or in-store at Ickinger.

History and importance of father’s day

Dated back to 1908, a lady named Sonora Smart Dodd established father’s day. She was one of the six children raised by William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran, and thought fathers should also be honoured. Sonora wanted to acknowledge the role of fathers on the date of her father’s birthday, which was 5 June, but the church did not agree with this.

However, she convinced many people to participate. Therefore, the date of father’s day was eventually postponed to the third Sunday of June each year.

Every child’s father plays an important role in their life that cannot be replaced; a role like this can greatly impact a child and help mould their character as an adult. Fathers are looked up to by their children to provide a feeling of protection physically and emotionally; they also look up to them to make the rules and enforce them.

An involved father promotes inner growth and strength in their children as they want to make their fathers proud. A supportive father impacts their children’s social development, creating a child’s sense of self-confidence and well-being. Thus, influencing how they’ll build relationships with other people as they grow.

Why watches make great gifts for fathers

Personal and sentimental meanings can be attached to watches. Our watches accompany us throughout life. While everything else may change over the years, the watch is often a constant that doesn’t change. Why is a watch a great idea for father’s day? Below are some of our top reasons why:

Luxury watches increase in value

Many items devalue the more they’ve been worn. Luxury brands continue to increase value. With more ageing, they become rare, making them even more desired.

They’re a timeless piece

A trendy style can often fade for a couple of years, but if you invest in a quality watch, it can match any outfit and be worn now, and ten years later and still be a style trend. Watches never really go out of style.

Watches can become a family heirloom

A watch is not only a genuine gift, but it can also create a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations to come. They aren’t only of financial value but of sentimental value too.

Watches are practical

A person will need to check the time several times a day, but of course, they can use their cell phone, but a watch allows you to check time quickly without checking a cell phone. Watches are a stylish and effective way to keep track of time.

Watches can be engraved

Do you want to make your watch even more special? Consider having it engraved. You can have a year, name, initials possibly anything engraved on the back of the watch to remind the person why they’ve been gifted the timepiece. The watch becomes uniquely special, something no one else will have. It will also add a small piece of history.

It works for all lifestyles

You can find watches that will suit all lifestyles; it doesn’t matter what they do for a living. A watch can add more style to any lifestyle, whether sporting or formal attire.

A gift that’s useful

Have you ever received a gift that you can’t use and rather give to someone else? A watch is not one of those gifts; you will know that it will be used and appreciated when you gift someone with a watch.

2_Watches for men by Ickinger

Watches for men by Ickinger

For different personalities, styles, and occasions, Ickinger jewellery provides men with a large range of watches. We have gathered our top three brands that are well suited for different fathers:

CAT watches:

The CAT watches are constructed from the highest quality material and developed to meet strict requirements since 19-4. Every CAT watch has a cutting-edge design with high functionality that offers solid performance in various active circumstances. They are well known to be a casual and powerful design and won’t break your budget.

Ingersoll watches:

The Ingersoll watches are originated back in 1882 and founded by Robert Hawley Ingersoll and his brother Charles Henry Ingersoll. Nowadays, they are classed as a moderate priced brand for men. They’re well known to be reliable, stylish, and practical watches and are popular amongst men for the produced quality.

Michel Herbelin:

Michel Herbelin has been inspired since 1947; these timepieces are all French-designed and offer a wide range of models that meet sporty and classic requirements. Their watch models are created to reflect watchmaking trends and continuously changing collections. Michel Herbelin watches are a unique and high-class brand.

June 15, 2022

Perfect Timepieces For Father’s Day

Perfect Timepieces For Father’s Day With father\’s day just around the corner, let\’s honour them with a special gift Here are some awesome gifts for Dad […]