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Statement Pieces

A great statement piece allows you to showcase your unique style while adding a touch of class and sophistication to your style. Statement pieces are meant to be personal, in other words, a reflection of your individuality. Your statement pieces can be a bold and dramatic focal point of your ensemble or a delicate piece of fine jewellery that subtly enhances your look.

Our oval cut amethyst ring is masterfully crafted to add an element of elegance and refined style to your look. It is bold, prominent and garners attention. The amethyst gemstone is set in lustrous white gold but is available in rose gold and silver. The exquisite oval cut has multiple facets – allowing it to sparkle with extraordinary brilliance. Our oval garnet white gold ring will add a touch of class without being too shiny or bold for a more conservative, everyday look.

This oval garnet ring is available in 9ct White and rose gold and silver, boasting January’s impressive oval garnet gemstone. Are you interested in more gemstone rings? Visit our gemstones collection to explore more custom made gemstone jewellery.

Looped and Stacked Rings

Looped rings for women are the latest craze to hit the fashion scene. They come in a wide range of designs, but the defining feature is a sizeable eye-catching opening or gap in the loop earring. This design allows for some unique and stylish pieces customised to your personal taste. These bespoke rings would be a great addition to your fine jewellery collection, from floating gemstones to overlapping loops. Stacked rings have come into focus again with a modern and classy look.

The beauty of stacked rings is the freedom to create a layout that best appeals to you. For a more contemporary look, try combining different metals – like rose gold and silver – to give it an element of individuality. The key is to create a unified look – allowing the stack to look like a set.

Silver makes a comeback and mixed metals too

Gold has always been the preferred metal when choosing and creating custom made jewellery. It is a soft, malleable metal that works exceptionally well with all gemstones and diamonds. However, silver offers a sparkle to the ring. White gold has also become a popular metal due to its incredible versatility in fine jewellery. The metallic colour provides a clean, elegant look and pairs exceptionally well with all gemstones. And it offers the opportunity to produce a unique piece of fine jewellery that highlights your personal preferences.

The combination of rose gold and silver or white gold has a stylish modern look that should become a staple in every woman’s jewellery box. The contrasting warm rose gold and lustrous white gold create the perfect balance – making it an excellent choice for an engagement or wedding ring.

Layering on the personality

Layered jewellery is an excellent way to create a stylish appearance that is a true reflection of your personal style. Layering necklaces allow you to combine several simple, delicate pieces to achieve a look of sophistication and elegance. Mixing metals and combining them with various coloured gemstones is a great idea to create a distinct and unique look. Unique gemstone pendants are making a major comeback this year. A minimalist design gives it an elegant, stylish appeal that will complement any necklace. We feature quite a few pendants on our online store, such as the gold and black onyx pendant.

Another top pick is our tanzanite diamond pendant which comes in white gold or rose gold. They are equally stylish and make an excellent pick for a custom-designed pendant. We also have the princess cut moissanite diamond white gold pendant that captures your beauty like no other piece of jewellery ever can. Shop our pendant collection online today.

Royal Inspiration

Royal jewellery has always been beautiful and elaborately designed to communicate a person’s royal status. They are a symbol of class, power, and status. They are often intricately designed works of art adorned with various precious gemstones. These exquisite bespoke jewellery pieces have long been a source of inspiration for enchanting tiaras and women’s engagement rings. Crown rings are somewhat unconventional but beautifully crafted. They have a royal, almost majestic look to them and would make an exceptional addition to your jewellery assemblage.

Our engagement ring collection features multiple rings that are fit for royalty, and the range is quite extensive. Hop over to our online store to check out the entire collection.

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