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Silver’s comeback and mixed metals

Gold has always been the preferred metal when choosing and creating custom made jewellery. It is a soft, malleable metal that works exceptionally well with all gemstones. However, silver and silver-looking metals have come to the fore, offering a dazzling piece of jewellery with more shine.

White gold has become a popular metal due to its great versatility in fine jewellery applications. The metallic colour affords it a clean, elegant look and pairs exceptionally well with all gemstones.

Mixed metals have become all the rage this year. It offers the opportunity to create a truly unique piece of fine jewellery that highlights your personal preferences. The combination of rose gold and silver or white gold has a stylish modern look that is sure to become a staple in every woman’s jewellery box.

The contrasting warm rose gold and lustrous white gold create the perfect balance – making it an extraordinary choice for an engagement ring.

Layering on the personality

Layered jewellery is an excellent way to create a stylish appearance that is a true reflection of your personal style. Layering necklaces afford you the opportunity to combine several simple delicate pieces to achieve a look of sophistication and elegance.

Mixing metals and combining them with various coloured gemstones is a great idea to create a distinct and unique look.

Dressed up chokers have made a major comeback this season. The current design is sleeker and tends to have a silver finish to create a classy chic look.

The minimalist design gives it an elegant stylish appeal that is sure to complement any ensemble. Chokers stand on their own but also pairs exceptionally well when layered with a few necklaces.

Royal Inspiration

Royal jewellery has always been beautiful and elaborately designed. They are a symbol of class, power, and status. They are often intricately designed works of art that are adorned with a variety of precious gemstones.

These exquisite pieces of bespoke jewellery have long been a source of inspiration for enchanting tiaras and women’s engagement rings. Crown rings are somewhat unconventional but beautifully crafted. They have a regal almost majestic look to them and would make an exceptional addition to your jewellery collection.

For the love of Pears

The pear-shaped cut is a cross between the marquise and oval cuts. It resembles a teardrop and is revered for its ability to showcase a stone’s colour and brilliance. While not the most common choice, the pear-shaped cut has gained popularity and has become more prevalent in engagement rings and pendants.

The non-traditional shape is eye-catching and will offer a truly unique piece to add to your bespoke jewellery collection.

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