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Investing in Custom Made Jewellery

2020 is proving to be an amazing year filled with abundant opportunities to define your style and enhance your look. Opting for a custom made piece of jewellery is a great choice to ensure that it meets your expectations and has more sentimental value. Current trends indicate a bright colourful year ahead with vibrant gemstones and multi-coloured jewellery.

An elegant pair of earrings would greatly augment your look. While a white gold pendant adorned with a stunning large gemstone is sure to make a bold statement. Whether your preference is subtly or audacity, this season is sure to have a piece of jewellery that complements your personal style.

Ickinger’s specialty is creating beautiful, masterfully crafted engagement rings that amaze and excite. Our passion is fine jewellery and we go to painstaking lengths to ensure that each piece is meticulously designed to radiate brilliance and splendour.

Our Aquamarine White Gold Diamond Halo Oval Cut Ring draws on the royal design with a classic oval cut aquamarine, beautifully set in 9ct white gold. It is skilfully crafted to exude elegance and create a distinctly regal feel.

Our White Gold Tanzanite Engagement Ring is captivating. The mesmerising tanzanite stone is beautifully housed in lustrous white gold. The unique design gives it amazing authenticity and elegance.

For a more classic look, our White Gold Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring has an enchanting appeal. The brilliant-cut diamond allows it to sparkle and shines with vivid brilliance.

Choosing a custom made piece of jewellery is a very personal experience. Engagement rings are worn every day and become an extension of yourself. It is a symbol of love, devotion and a lifelong commitment to your partner so choose one that speaks to your soul and brings you joy. At Ickinger, our goal is to help you realise your vision and turn dreams into a reality.

Our team of experts has spent years honing their skills to ensure that each piece of bespoke jewellery we create is of the finest quality and meets your expectations. For help with choosing your next piece of custom made jewellery, please reach out and allow us to assist you with finding the perfect piece that best suits you.

March 23, 2020

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