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Insider tips

Keep it safe and simple. Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners on your fine jewelry. Firstly, they’re not necessary and second, they may cause damage and discolouration. You’re better off with good old warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Steer clear from grease-cutting formulas, like dish soap and anything alcohol-based.

A good rule to follow is to remove jewelry when working with household cleaners or going for a swim. Chlorine and ammonia wreak havoc on
delicate pieces.

Pearls are particularly soft gems, which means they scratch easily. You’ll want to forget the toothbrush and opt for a soft lint-free cloth instead. You should also be careful about storage, making sure pieces are kept in soft, separate compartments. In this way they won’t rub up against each other, causing scratches and discolouration.

Quality jewelry boxes come with plush, padded sections that make storing a variety of items – from bracelets to rings – easy and safe.

Just as the sun is harmful to our skin, so too does it damage our fine jewels. Extended periods of light and heat could affect the colour and durability of your piece. Gems like topaz and amethyst may fade, and pearls tend to bleach in extreme light conditions.

Fluctuations in temperature andexcessive heat may cause gems to crack and change colour. That’s why it’s important to consider the conditions before exposing your precious pieces.

Because of the delicate nature of metals and gems, even the chemicals you wear can affect them. These include perfume, lotion, and hair spray. The accepted rule for wearing expensive jewelry is this: Last on, first off.

This means you should put on your jewelry after you’ve finished getting lathered up, sprayed, and pressed. And then make sure it’s the first thing you remove before getting undressed again.

December 2, 2019

How to properly care for Fine Jewelry

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