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Why it’s essential to have your jewellery professionally cleaned:

It is essential to always keep those unique rings that you wear daily bright and clean. Having them cleaned regularly will guarantee that no dirt or debris will build up in the jewellery, ultimately ruining the piece’s quality. Although cleaning jewellery can cause severe damage to your ring if it’s done incorrectly.

What do we mean by this? So, it can start with minor problems, such as the colour of your stone dimming out. It will lead to even more significant issues like the degradation of the metal, and your health can also be affected if your rings aren’t cleaned. If jewellery continues to get dirtier, you may experience irritations on the skin and issues associated with allergies.

Here is how to keep them clean:

Basic Cleaning from Home
Use lukewarm water, mild dish soap, and a soft-bristled brush. Gently scrub the ring and lay your rings to dry on a lint-free cloth.

Prevent the Damage
Remove your ring when using chemicals such as bleach. Remove your ring while doing any exercise – you could bump it and ruin the stone and be cautious with the light and heat, as too much heat can damage certain gemstones.

Professional Cleaning
A local jeweller will know the proper way to clean your rings. Taking your jewellery to a professional gives the advantage of checking for damage.

Store them Properly
Floating free rings is prone to scratching if it rubs against another piece. Separate them into jewellery boxes with felt-lined and padded slots for safekeeping against rubs and bumps.

Silver Engagement Ring Trends 2022

If you are into trends or not, it can be interesting to see what is piquing interest nowadays within the engagement ring department.

Following are the top 5 engagement ring trends for 2022:

Toi et Moi Settings
French for “you and me.” This symbolizes two people coming together in the purest celebration of love through an expression of two gemstones coming together as one.

An oval’s soft, egg shape attracts attention to the hand and lengthens the finger’s appearance.

The Big & Blingy
Go big or go home – soon-to-be weds have been thinking – bold shapes, large stones, beautiful bling designs.

The Three Stoned Rings
This style offers the flexibility to pick your most admired stones to create a unique ring for your personal taste.

Non-Diamond Rings
Similar to a diamond but cheaper – the Moissanite is a top pick. However, another most popular non-diamond pick – is the sapphire.

Looped and Stacked Rings

Mass-produced is a production of identical jewellery items that come in large volumes continuously. Usually done by people who are specialized in machinery with low skill levels. It is popular because they tend to be less expensive than locally made jewellery if more products are made. When you buy mass-produced rings, you will have what everyone else does.

What about originality? Crafters take extreme care in the quality of their items, you can be sure that time, talent, thought, and energy goes into its creation. If you want unique and individual jewellery as you are, having a ring made is a great fit. Many crafters take pleasure in creating what you are looking for.

ICKINGER jewellery

Ickinger’s has been operating for 54 years, and it has been a family-owned Jewellery store since 1968. Ruhan van Der Walt, the head jeweller, spent all his years learning all there is to know about crafting jewellery. According to Ruhan, jewellery forms a closer part of who you are and that it is the most personal thing you can own. In other words, to have the opportunity to work with people and understand them to have an influence on their custom-made jewellery is what he is most passionate about.

Creating jewellery with the most outstanding quality takes persistence and patience. “It all comes down to perseverance, diligence and pure determination, and in-depth knowledge of the materials used in the manufacturing process,” says Ruhan.

To create jewellery that will influence an emotional response, he will have a simple conversation with his customers to understand their perspectives, which are all unique. Ruhan van Der Walt comes from a very long line of jewellery craftsmen. His father taught him everything since he was a very young age. Creating bespoke jewellery takes many years to master.

As the head of designing and manufacturing at Ickinger, Ruhan spends most of his time and days ensuring that you will receive only the best service and jewellery satisfaction as a customer. ” I love the challenge of creating jewellery pieces that are as close to perfection as possible.

When you fail, you’re obviously disappointed because you know that you will be re-working the jewellery again and again until it reaches the stage of perfection,” says Ruhan.

So if you are planning for a particular day and would like to celebrate this day with a unique and sentimental custom-made jewellery piece of your own. You can get in touch with him today and experience how he can create your vision into a reality.

You can get in touch with him either online or visit the retail store located in Tzaneen, Limpopo. You can discover the beauty behind custom jewellery.

May 4, 2022

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