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Picking the perfect engagement ring

In a previous article, we covered the topic of shopping for an engagement ring. Still, we will quickly reiterate the key points of that article below.

When shopping for an engagement ring, there are five key things to consider, such as:

    • 1. Setting up a budget


    • 2. Choosing the ring setting


    • 3. Selecting your precious metal type


    • 4. Selecting your ring size


    5. Turning to a professional for a custom made engagement and wedding ring

Guidelines on buying a diamond engagement ring

If you are unsure of how to approach buying an engagement ring, this previously created article might prove to be worthwhile. We discuss various elements to take into consideration when making your purchase as well as some of the popular styles for engagement rings. Because we realize this is a big step, we also discuss what you can expect from us.

Give the article a read to find out more about buying a diamond engagement ring.

Shopping for a timeless wedding ring

One of the latest trends we are currently seeing is that couples are investing in matching wedding bands which solidifies their commitment to each other. We suggest shopping for a ring design that compliments your engagement ring so that you can stack it together. Gold – white or yellow, or platinum rings makes for a timeless wedding ring.

You can take things a step further and get Ickinger’s head jeweller to engrave your wedding date or each other’s names on the wedding ring. This way, you’ll always have a loving and lasting memory of your special day and significant other.

What to wear with your high neckline wedding dress?

If you are wearing a high neckline wedding dress on your big day, we suggest paring statement earrings with your dress. Statement earrings will enhance your fabulous dress, and it makes for a beautiful bridal moment. You might want to avoid wearing a neckless on this day, so that does not clash with the details of your dress.

These teardrop pearl shepherd’s hook earrings from Ickinger will add the perfect amount of glam so that you can make a statement on your big day. However, suppose you are more of a diamond girl. In that case, we have the shepherd’s hook white gold diamond earrings that would make a perfect addition to your wedding dress.

What to wear with an off-the-shoulder wedding dress?

For off-the-shoulder wedding dresses, we also suggest pairing it with statement earrings for an elegant look. Statement earrings will draw the eyes of everyone at the wedding ceremony on your natural beauty. If teardrop earrings are your thing, stick to the ones mentioned above.

Suppose your facial features are better complemented with hoop earrings. In that case, we can suggest having a look at these white gold diamond hoop earrings or this yellow gold diamond hoop earring. They were elegantly designed so that you can shine when wearing them on your big day.

What to wear with a long-sleeved wedding dress?

Long-sleeved wedding dresses require a sweet and straightforward approach when it comes to bridal jewellery. Some classic pearl earrings such as these white gold halo pearl diamond stud earrings may be the only other accessory you need, besides your wedding ring of course. If you want to take things up a notch, you can get in touch with us, and we can make you a pair of personalized earrings just for you.

What to wear with a strapless wedding dress?

Strapless wedding dresses present the opportunity for you to accessories and personalize your long-awaited wedding day look. They allow for so much room when it comes to picking out your style. On the big day, you have the option of wearing a necklace, bracelet or earrings, of course.

You can even wear all three if you are going for a traditional bridal style, the option is entirely up to you. If you would like to add a personal touch to your wedding day accessories, come and visit us so we can design your dream wedding embellishments.

November 24, 2020

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