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Festive season jewellery trends

Bright colours

The festive season is such a fun time of the year, filled with bright colours, laughter and family time. With all the cheerful colours, it’s time to put some vibrant hues in your festive season collection. Amethyst and garnet gemstones make great festive pieces because they blend in so well with all the bright colours.


The festive periods are a perfect time for gemstones. As mentioned above, amethysts and garnets are gemstones that blend in well with the season. White gold aquamarine rings, in particular, will ensure that you stand out and shine during the festive season.

Rose gold jewellery

In recent times we’ve seen the increase in popularity of rose gold jewellery. The subtle pink hues make it perfect for any outfit you wear, and the rose gold colours look amazing in almost any piece of jewellery.

Rose gold earrings work specifically well during this time of year and would undoubtedly be a great gift to give. Another tip to remember is that sterling silver and rose gold compliment each other perfectly. So for a more lavish embellishment, opt for crystal gems paired with rose gold.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are another festive season favourite as they are fun, playful and versatile.This season, go for small hoops when combined with formal wear or larger hoops when you’re relaxing with friends or family.

A tip from the jeweller: always get hoop earrings in classic colours because they match most outfits and is perfect for every occasion. If you are uncertain what to get, earrings are an excellent gift for your special loved one this year.

December 14, 2020

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