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Elegance in the shape of a Pear

The pear-shaped cut is a cross between the marquise and oval cuts. It resembles a teardrop and is revered for its ability to showcase a stone’s colour and brilliance. While not the most common choice, the pear-shaped cut has gained popularity in recent years and has become more prevalent in engagement rings and pendants alike. The non-traditional shape is eye-catching and will offer a truly unique piece to add to your bespoke jewellery collection.

Vibrant coloured gemstones:

Vibrant coloured gemstones are taking centre stage and have proven to be an excellent choice for custom made jewellery. The possibilities are limitless with gems from captivating engagement rings to an elegant, awe-inspiring pendant and necklace. With such a vast selection of gemstones available, choosing the perfect colour that suits you has never been easier. Birthstones have gained popularity for their vivid colours and reasonable price tag – making them an exceptional centrepiece for your next piece of fine jewellery.

Gradient gemstones:

Gradient gemstone designs have revolutionised bespoke jewellery. There are two types of gradation. The first is a single colour gradation where the gemstones are the same colour but seamlessly decrease in saturation from one gem to the next. The second variety is a stone that beautifully transitions from one colour to another when put into direct light. The gradient design has loads of appeal and adds a unique, stylish element to your look.

Investing in Custom Made Jewellery

2022 is proving to be a fantastic year filled with many opportunities to define your style and enhance your look. Opting for a custom made piece of jewellery is a great choice to ensure that it meets your expectations and has more sentimental value. Current trends indicate a bright, colourful year ahead with vibrant gemstones and multi-coloured jewellery. An elegant pair of earrings would significantly augment your look too. While a white gold pendant with a stunning gemstone is sure to make a bold statement.

No matter your preference, this season is sure to have a piece of jewellery that complements your personal style. Ickinger’s speciality is creating beautiful, masterfully crafted jewellery that amazes and excites. Our passion is fine jewellery, and we go to painstaking lengths to ensure that each piece is meticulously designed to radiate brilliance and beauty.

At Ickinger, our goal is to help you turn dreams into a reality. Our expert jewellers have spent years honing their skills to ensure that each piece of bespoke jewellery we create is of the finest quality and meets your expectations. For help with choosing your next selection of custom made jewellery, please reach out and allow us to assist you with finding the perfect piece of jewellery that best represents you.

March 28, 2022

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