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Customised fine jewellery is always better

Exquisite custom made jewellery is a great way to make an audacious statement or showcase your personal sense of style. The bespoke jewellery is the physical manifestation of your idea of what the perfect piece of jewellery looks like. They are crafted with meticulous care to breathe life into your vision.

With so many options, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to create and define your style. Let’s dive in and explore the abundant options available to find your next piece of exquisite fine jewellery.

Statement Pieces

A great statement piece allows you to showcase your unique style while adding a touch of class and sophistication to your look. Statement pieces are meant to be personal – a reflection of your individuality.

They can be a bold and dramatic focal point of your ensemble or a delicate piece of fine jewellery that subtly enhances your look.

Our Moissanite Princess Cut White Gold Diamond Pendant is masterfully crafted to add an element of elegance and refined style to your look.

It is bold, prominent and demands attention. The Moissanite stone is set in lustrous white gold and surrounded by diamonds. The exquisite princess cut has multiple facets – allowing it to sparkle with amazing brilliance.

For a more conservative, everyday look – our chic White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings is sure to add a touch of class without being overly obtrusive. It boasts a total of 30 princess cut diamonds beautifully set in white gold. These custom made Rose Gold Diamond Stud Earrings are tasteful and sure to make a statement with its 1ct diamond set in warm rose gold.

Looped and Stacked Rings

Looped rings for women are the latest craze to hit the fashion world. They come in a wide range of designs but the defining feature amongst all of them is a dramatic opening or gap in the loop.

This design allows for some unique and stylish pieces that can be customised to your personal inclinations. From floating gemstones to overlapping loops, these bespoke rings would be a great addition to your fine jewellery collection.

Stacked rings have come into focus again with a more modern and classy look. The beauty of stacked rings is the freedom to create a layout that best appeals to you.

For a more contemporary look, try combining different metals – like rose gold and silver – to give it an element of individuality. The key is to create a unified look – allowing the stack to look like a set.

March 23, 2020

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