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Common cuts for custom made jewellery:

Amethysts were one of the most coveted gemstones amongst royalty. It has been used to adorn fine jewellery for centuries. From pendants and talismans to one-of-a-kind brooches, this stone would make an amazing centrepiece for your next piece of custom made jewellery.

Rings – Amethysts are a great choice as an alternative to traditional gem choices. With the correct cut, it is sure to sparkle and show off its amazing brilliance. Suitable cuts for rings would be the traditional round and oval cuts. The cushion or marquise cut would also be an exceptional choice.

Necklaces – Encrusting a necklace with amethyst gemstones would have a stunning effect. The stones would need to smaller so the round and marquise cut would be a great choice to showcase the stone’s sparkle.

Pendants – Making an amethyst the focal point of a pendant will give it an elegant, almost antique look. Since the stone will be the centrepiece, it needs to have dazzling colour and sparkle. Good choices of cuts would, therefore, be the pear, marquise and for something a bit unconventional, the princess cut.

Earrings – Amethysts would work exceptionally well in a pair of earrings. Its alluring colour would look majestic and make an amazing gift for your significant other. The pear, marquise, briolette and rounds cuts are phenomenal choices to highlight the stone’s colour.

Bracelets – Amethysts are said to have various healing properties and bestow abundant luck. They alleviate anxiety and help promote balance and longevity. This would make it an endearing and thoughtful gift for a loved one. Suitable cuts for a bracelet would be the classic round, oval and marquise cuts.

Brooches – Although somewhat antiquated, a brooch would still make a stunning piece of fine jewellery. They can be intricately designed or tastefully simple. Either way, a brooch is a great way to showcase your amethyst gemstone. Suitable cuts for a brooch are the round, oval and marquise cuts. For a more antique look, the emerald and cushion cut would be an amazing option.

Finding your first Amethyst Gemstone:

Amethysts are fine gemstones for custom made jewellery. They have long been associated with opulence and royalty and their various shades of purple certainly look majestic.

These stones are found in abundance all over the world, making them relatively inexpensive. Its hardness also affords it great strength and durability.

An amethyst is also considered a symbol of peace, love and unification. These are endearing qualities that make an amazing gift for a loved one. A large pendant would be the perfect piece of fine jewellery to showcase its mesmerising deep colour. A pair of earrings would also be a stunning setting to show off your amethyst.

Earrings will allow these gems to sparkle and shine in all its glory. Ickinger has several options available and a great team of professionals ready to create bespoke jewellery that suits your every need.

Although somewhat unconventional, you may like to consider an amethyst gemstone as a centrepiece in an engagement ring. The luxurious purple colour will have an outstanding appearance and allow you to choose a ring that is as unique as your partner.

While not crucially important, the type of metal will have an impact on how your gemstone is displayed. The metal you choose is entirely based on preference but each metal will highlight your amethyst differently. Silver coloured metals like white gold, platinum and palladium will showcase the stone’s colour and brilliance more dramatically. While yellow gold will give it an elegant antique look and rose gold will have a more contemporary feel to it.

Whatever piece of jewellery you choose, remember to choose an amethyst that has a deep purple shade and has a cut with many facets to allow it to sparkle from all angles.

Ickinger is an industry leader in bespoke jewellery. Our team of experts are passionate about turning your vision into reality. We are meticulous and work with a high level of care and attention to detail.

For more information on choosing a Amethyst gemstone, please feel free to get in touch with us at Ickinger as we are more than happy to help.

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