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1_Preventing your jewellery from tarnishing
Preventing your jewellery from tarnishing
August 4, 2022

Mother's Day is just around the corner

Why not find some unique gifts for Mom online or in-store at ICKINGER.

The Significance and Roles

In May we celebrate Mother's Day. Once a year we take time to show and tell mothers how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate them. They are our first supporters, teachers, protectors, and forever friends. As we all know, a mother's love is selfless and infinite. Moms always place their family’s needs before their own but this mother’s day it’s time to give back.

It is the mother's nurturing and love for her children that teaches us to love and to feel love. Moms take the role of gluing the family together for all the tasks they must handle. They must be able to teach their children by being our appropriate role models and fulfilling their family's needs.

Mothers are remarkable; that’s why they deserve to be spoilt on Mother's day, and that’s why you should let them know how much you appreciate them now and again. Jewellery is a thoughtful gift that any mother would cherish for many years to come.

Classic Jewellery pieces a Mother would love

Jewellery is a potential choice as a gift for mothers, which will put a smile on their faces, and they will treasure it. It may be a little challenging to find the perfect item for your Mom. Hence we have rounded up a list of recommendations that'll make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift.

Naturally, most jewellery suggestions vary from rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and watches. Ickinger can design and engrave any jewellery item gift with a special message for a unique and sentimental gift your mom or spouse would love. Read further for more jewellery suggestions.

Symbolic Jewellery

Throughout history, symbolism has been a way of communication. When a symbolic piece of jewellery is provided as a gift, it conveys our feelings of love and appreciation which reminds Moms how much we value them. The importance of the meaning behind a jewellery piece can be particularly significant to sentimental people like your Mom.

10 Reasons why moms deserve jewellery for mother's day

If you are unsure what to get her this mother’s day, here are 10 reasons jewellery would be the perfect gift for this special day.

  • Jewellery is a gift that will last for a lifetime! When purchasing a piece of jewellery, you're investing in an item that can be worn and decorated for years to come.
  • Jewellery is an excellent daily reminder of your love and appreciation that will help make her feel spoilt and supported.
  • Your Mom is a very unique person that has unique tastes. There are so many options, cuts, styles, and colours. We recommend selecting a piece of jewellery that represents her uniqueness.
  • A new sense of inner confidence is given through jewellery. There is nothing better than the feeling of self-love.
  • While trends fade in and out and styles change, jewellery pieces are the most adaptable and can be styled in many ways.
  • Many jewellery pieces can be customised to carry a unique and sentimental meaning that matches your Mom's personality.
  • You can be sure that jewellery pieces don't discriminate and can fit any tone and size. The choice of jewellery is endless and will never run out of fashion.
  • Mothers can never have enough jewellery. They love to swap and change collections to suit their mood and compliment their outfits.
  • Jewellery can be customized in many ways. Engraving makes it special and unique.
  • Jewellery makes a good choice for a gift, as Mothers are unlikely to buy it for themselves.

Ickinger jewellery collections


While the origins of bracelet-wearing may be unclear, there are many beliefs about their benefits. One belief is that wearing one will bring the wearer luck and good fortune.

Here are two bracelets from our Ickinger Collection:

  • Rose Gold Quartz Tennis Bracelet: It is Mysterious, inviting, and elegant.
  • White Gold Princess Cut Moissanite Bracelet: This is alluring, intriguing and enchanting.


A beautiful gift to give your Mother, earrings complete any outfit look and enhance her beauty. They symbolise "living together and giving protection from any harm."

Below we have added two earring pieces from our Collection:

  • White Gold Halo Pearl Diamond Stud: They are diverse, elegant, and enchanting.
  • Rose Gold White Diamond Hoop: These earrings are different and timeless.


They are very precious, especially to a Mother. It is something that the eyes will be drawn to immediately. It symbolises affection and faith and is used for the inner balance of peace.

We have added two of our favourite pendants from our Collection:

  • Yellow Gold Onyx Stone: Beautifully sleek, fabulous, and elegant.
  • White Gold Moissanite Diamond: Very bedazzling, mysterious, and glamourous


Michel Herbelin Newport – (18384/BTR89)

This authentic watch will capture a spirit of femininity; it is also water-resistant up to 50m. The watch has a sporty yet elegant design which makes it popular among active mothers.

Michel Herbelin M-Band - Swiss quartz (17056/B62)

This unique timepiece design creates a touch of glamour that will compliment her every outfit.

Michel Herbelin M-Band – Timepiece (17082/BP64)

This is in tune with today's trends, designed with an elegant look and feel. Perfect for the Moms that love trendy glamour.

Michel Herbelin Equinoxe – (18397/29B)

Equinoxe is Latin for 'equal night' inspired by this period of earth's movement. The design of this watch is unique and elegantly striking yet simple.

Michel Herbelin Cap Camarat – (14245/B15)

This timepiece watch presents the bold and feminine and is also water-resistant for up to 100m. A stunning gift for your Mom.

Gemstone rings we think your mom would love:

Today it is believed that gemstones carry the power of healing properties. When set in jewellery, it increases the scarcity, beauty and uniqueness of the rings.

We have added two of our main Gemstone rings from our gemstone rings collection:

  • White Gold Tanzanite Halo: An enchanting, fabulous and outstanding ring.
  • Cushion-Cut Morganite: A very breathtaking, attractive, and dazzling ring.

Vintage rings for the vintage lady.

Vintage rings are loved by many because its timeless and very elegant. Not only that, vintage rings form part of a legacy and can be passed down to future generations.

To symbolise your love for your Mom, we've listed four of our Vintage rings from our Collection:

  • Oval Garnet White Gold: This is a charming, unique, and a phenomenal gift.
  • Yellow Gold Band: This is a majestic, and elegant ring to gift.
  • Victorian Rose Gold Band: A noble, magnificent yet enchanting gift.
  • White Gold Two Stoned: A very extraordinary, trendy, and stunning ring to consider.

Jewellery is a great piece that can be handed down to the next generations which will ensure that a specific jewellery piece will always be in the family for many years ahead.

As mentioned above, the importance of mothers cannot be exaggerated. They'll sacrifice every need and wants of their own for the wants and needs of their family. Mothers are remarkable; and they play a vital role in our lives and households.

ICKINGER Jewellery does custom designs and engravings for any jewellery. This means your mother will get a sentimental gift which is a perfect way to show her that you care. Suppose you are looking for a jewellery piece that will make a statement or want to invest in an authentic gem piece. In that case, handcrafted jewellery outdoes mass-produced jewellery, because every piece is completely unique and can’t be replicated

Handmade jewellery is our forte and it can’t be matched by generic mass-produced jewellery pieces. We bring our speciality and your vision to create spectacular and timeless jewellery pieces. We want to make sure that the results will be of the finest quality and mirror the individual characteristics of every client. The difference between mass-produced and hand-made jewellery is that hand-made items carries a unique aesthetic. Whilst mass-produced items have no individuality and uniqueness - they are all the same.

ICKINGER Jewellery prefers to deal in something more exotic, we are more than happy to leave mass-produced jewellery with the shopping malls and most department stores. Our most tremendous pride lies within the quality of our custom-made jewellery - designed with many decades of experience.

Achieving the final perfection only begins with the relationship we have with every client that can't be found in many department stores. The utmost focus, time, patience, and most significant level of care for each design is the main thing missing in mass production. We can all agree that the quality matters, not the quantity.

This is the most excellent reason our customers are the height of our business. We will work extremely hard and tirelessly to ensure that their ideas and desires are materialised in the way they want.

We recommend considering the benefits of hand-made jewellery that can be customed to your preference. Especially if you want to design a piece of jewellery with a special meaning and a unique sense of style as a gift for your Mommy dearest.