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ICKINGER offers a unique custom design service. Available for in-store and long distance clients.

Step 1
Background: Please answer questions 1.1 - 1.5
Step 2
About You: Please answer questions 2.1 - 2.5
Step 3
Design Experience: Please answer questions 3.1 - 3.13
Step 4
Send us your dream design
Step 5
We will send you a quotation
Step 6
You accept the quotation
Step 7
We send you a computer-generated design
Step 8
Once you approve your design, we will commence with production

1.1 Who Will Be Wearing the Ring?

Are you designing a ring for your significant other, or designing your own ring?

1.2 Looking around for a ring someone might surprise you with later, or are you planning to purchase your own ring?

1.3 Already know what ring style you’re going for, or are you not sure quite yet?


I have images of a specific ring (or rings) I can share.I’ve looked around and know what kinds of rings I like.I have some design ideas of my own.I have no ideas yet - I just want an amazing ring!

1.4 Upload a visual sample*

Note: upload only jpg, jpeg, png image files, 1MB max.

1.5 What is your budget?

2.1 When's the Special Day

If you have a planned proposal in mind, let us know so we can make sure your project stays on track.

Note that the minimum time required for production is 3 weeks.

2.2 Your Name*

2.3 Your Surname*

2.4 Your Email*

2.5 Your Number*

3.1 Let's Get Started!

You are now ready to start your design experience.

Diamond shape

3.2 What is your preferred style?

3.3 Diamond Carat Weight

3.4 Ring head

3.5 Head Stones

3.6 Mounting

3.7 Peekaboo Shape

3.8 Side Setting

3.9 Side Stones

3.10 Side stone Length


3.11 Ring Head Colour

3.12 Mounting Colour

3.13 Ring Size


See Our Sizing Chart

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