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Diamond Quality

Purchasing your first diamond can be an overwhelming experience, especially when you stop to consider there’s so much more to it than picking out the right shape and size.

What’s the meaning of all that diamond industry jargon? Were the stones mined responsibly? In this article we will provide some clarity on the issue.

Diamonds are mined in two ways—deep earth mining, and alluvial (river bed) mining. All too often in the case of informal mining, people (including children) are mistreated and the environment gutted. Ethically sourced diamonds refer to responsible mining practices that do not exploit humans or the environment in any way.

Gemstone Guide

Garnets, the January birthstone, are best known for their vibrant red colour. However, they are more commonly found in red with an orange/brown hue.

Its name comes from the Latin word “Garantus”, meaning “seed-like”, because of its striking resemblance to the pomegranate seed. Garnets have been used throughout the centuries as talismans and to create stunning pieces of bespoke jewellery. From Ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages, garnets have been around for over 5000 years.

The term garnet refers to a group of minerals that have similar physical characteristics but have a different chemical structure. Garnet gemstones almost always occur in blends, which is why they are found in such a wide array of colours.

Artisan Jeweler

There’s something about acquiring a piece of jewelry that not only makes you feel good while wearing it, but makes others do a double take – curious to find out more about it. This happens often with tailored jewelers, and not so much with department store jewelry.

The difference is that tailored jewelry carries a specific aesthetic and often boasts handcrafted specialty, while chain stores and malls stock jewelry that is mass produced. When you’re looking to make a statement or invest in a true gem of a piece, then a tailored jeweler wins out over commercial.

This is where you’ll find the high-end expertise required to design and customize unique jewelry that speaks volumes. It’s also where you’ll find elite staff with invaluable industry knowledge and proficiency to assist you in making choices best suited to you.