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For centuries jewellery was considered to be feminine

Throughout the year’s men wore jewellery with the sole purpose of showing off their social status. Roughly six thousand years ago, jewellery making was established.

The artisan would make jewellery from materials such as copper, silver and gold for men in Egypt, Rome and Mesopotamia. Egyptian Pharaohs loved their jewellery so much they wanted to be buried with it.

Fast forward to modern times, and you’ll notice men’s jewellery is only now finding its way back. However, we find ourselves on two sides of the spectrum.

On the one side, you’ll see men barely wearing any jewellery. On the other end, you see men wearing too much jewellery. There’s a delicate balance, and that’s why it can be tricky when choosing what jewellery to wear.

In this article, we will be shedding some light on men’s jewellery, and we will be running you through the do’s and don’ts of men’s jewellery.

The next time you visit your local jeweller, you’ll be equipped with the right knowledge. So that you can take away the guessing when it comes to selecting a piece of jewellery for yourself.

The do’s and don’ts of men’s jewellery

When selecting men’s jewellery, you should know how to avoid looking like a mobster or a mumble rapper. Like we said, balance is key. Get it right and you’ll take your look to the next level. Without further ado, let’s look at the do’s and don’ts of men’s jewellery.


Besides men’s rings, cufflinks are probably the second most worn jewellery item. They serve a purpose but double as jewellery pieces that you can wear to upscale your ensemble. Most cufflinks come in metals that are usually less expensive although precious metals such as sterling silver or gold are also used to manufacture men’s cufflinks.

Opt for sterling silver or plated gold cufflinks because they would last you a lifetime and you can pass them down to your children or grandchildren one day. When you are shopping for a pair of cufflinks, keep it simple and avoid tacky comedy cufflinks unless you can really pull it off. Circular or square – metal or wood the choice is up to your personal preference.


The question of the hour is should you wear a ring or not? If it’s not a wedding ring, men have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with rings. The family crest ring has made a comeback in recent years and is considered a modern must-have.

If you are proud of your family roots and would like something completely unique, this might be a ring for you. The beauty behind family crest rings is that you can pass it down for generations to come and it becomes part of your family’s legacy.

Men rarely stop to think about what their wedding ring should look like. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help. We recommend that you start by finding the right size for your finger. Your ring should fit firmly but not so tight that it hurts your skin.

A good trick is to turn it all around your finger and if you can remove it with light resistance, it’s a match. Struggling to pull it off? Get it resized or opt for a bigger size. The best is to go to a professional to get it measured accurately. Is your wedding day around the corner?

Visit Ickinger to get your preferred size and custom wedding ring made

Popular metal choices

Men have several choices when it comes to wedding bands. In recent year’s wood, titanium and carbon fibre has become popular choices although silver, gold and white gold remain popular choices too. Choosing your ideal metal type depends solely on your personality and preferences. Pop in for a consultation at Ickinger so we can discuss your ideal wedding ring and take your ring size. All of our jewellery is custom-made to fit and look perfectly.

Tie clips

Another popular accessory for men, although it’s not as common as it used to be. Tie clips is not considered a must-have but can certainly take your formal look to the next level. The benefit of a tie clip is that your tie stays in place and you look neat all the time. Don’t go overboard, simplicity is key.

Paired with a set of cufflinks, it also makes a great men’s gift for a family member or a friend. We do personal engravings at Ickinger, so you can make your gift extra special with a meaningful engraving. Visit our store or contact us to find out more.


Once again, we have an accessory that comes down to personal preference. Some men like wearing bracelets, others haven’t made up their minds yet. Bracelets are the perfect wrist companion other than a watch of course. No need to go overboard but you certainly don’t have to fear wearing one.

Embrace colour and you’ll be rewarded with compliments but forget the leather bracelet you wore in high school. Mix things up to seem less stale although some prefer wearing only a certain type of men’s bracelet, which is still okay. Another tip we have is to pick a bracelet that matches your favourite watch, it will just balance your look even more.

Men’s watch guide

If you are looking for a new timepiece but you are still unsure what kind of watch to get, this section is for you. We will be briefly running through various watch terminology to provide better insight into the world of watches. This section will also cover the various types of watches available to you and the pros and cons of each one.

Important watch terminology

Watches are made up of hundreds of small components which are masterfully crafted to achieve the perfect aesthetic look and feel for the watch wearer. Here’s a list of components that’s in a watch.


The aperture is the small bubble on the face of the watch that displays the date, month or year.


This is the face of the watch.


The hands of a watch indicate the time. There are commonly two hands on a watch indicating the hour and minutes. Some watches allow the wearer to measure distance or speed, depending on the type of watch.


This refers to the movement that powers the watch. It is also known as the calibre.

Types of watch movements


Automatic watches get their power from mechanical movement that’s generated from the natural motion of the watch wearer. When you decide to take it off, it will stop the movement until you decide to wear it again.

Manual / Mechanical

A manual movement, commonly known as a hand-wound watch, is one of the oldest types of watch movements. They are the most traditional types of movements and are usually found in collectable watches. If you want a traditional old-school watch, this is one you might want to consider.

Quartz movements

Quarts-powered watches are battery-operated and requires no winding at all. It is the most typical type of movement we see in watches today. When it comes to accuracy quartz movements are far more accurate than mechanical movements.


Then there’s the chronograph which operates from a separate time system that serves as a stopwatch. Most chronographs have three small dials within the main dial of the watch.

Chronograph watches typically have two buttons on the side. One that starts/stops the watch and then one to reset the watch. If you like detail this is a watch for you.

Different watch styles for men

Typically, a man should have a collection of three distinct types of watches. One for when you need to attend formal events, one for when you are outdoors and then one that you use for everyday wear.

The type of watch you wear says a lot about your personality without having to speak a word. When fitting your watch, it should sit comfortably around your wrist without too much movement. When you pick up your hand it shouldn’t slide more than a few centimetres.

Now that you are up to date with the do’s and don’ts of men’s jewellery you can confidently shop for a piece of jewellery that suits you best. If your wedding is around the corner and you would like a bespoke ring like no other, come visit us at Ickinger or phone us directly.

There is no ring we cannot make and every ring that leaves our shop represents your raw emotion in form.

There’s nothing more meaningful than the love you share with a significant other. We also provide custom engravings so if there is a special date/phrase or anything else you would like engraved to make your jewellery even more special, we’ve got you covered.

Visit our men’s rings collection online for some inspiration or grab yourself a Rotary watch to expand your watch collection this year.

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