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Why buying custom made jewellery from your local jeweller is always better

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of buying from your local jeweller as opposed to buying commercial mass-produced jewellery.

While buying commercial tends to be more convenient, the jewellery tends to be sub-par and has little to no personality. Buying bespoke jewellery from a local jeweller gives you the opportunity to customise your piece and tailor it to suit your needs.

Tailored jewellers are more than just jewellery makers, they are artists. Each piece is created with meticulous care and attention to detail. They are passionate about what they do and have poured years of time and effort into honing their skills. They are extremely knowledgeable and can offer the best advice when choosing or customising your jewellery.

Buying jewellery can be an overwhelming task that can sometimes lead to feelings of anxiety, doubt, and confusion. This is especially true when choosing an engagement ring or any other jewellery that will hold sentimental value.

However, choosing a piece of fine jewellery doesn’t have to be a dreaded undertaking. With the right guidance, choosing jewellery can be a fulfilling and pleasant experience. This is where your local jeweller comes in. While there are innumerable benefits to shopping locally.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most important reasons why buying from your local jeweller is always better:

    1. Extensive knowledge of all things related to jewellery

    2. Getting to know the people behind the products

    3. Great Customer Service

    4. Builds a lifelong relationship of trust

    5. Several perks to buying locally

    6. Personalised service

    7. Local jewellers are passionate about bespoke jewellery

    8. Truly unique one-of-a-kind pieces

    9. Better quality craftsmanship

    10. Better quality gemstones and cuts

Shopping for jewellery should always be an enjoyable experience. We, therefore, encourage you to visit your local jeweller instead of a commercial chain store.

You receive better one-on-one attention and gain some valuable insights into which piece would best suit you. Local jewellers are professionals.

They have a deep understanding of the industry and offer the best guidance. The customer service and quality of the products are infinitely better and are designed to last forever. Each piece is a work of art that will bring you a lifetime of joy.

The 10 most important reasons to buy from your local jeweller

1. Extensive knowledge and experience of all things jewellery related

Custom jewellers pour their lives into their craft. They spend years learning, evolving and mastering their skills. To a craftsman, creating jewellery is more than just a trade. Each piece is a work of art that showcases his/her love for what they do.

Over the years, they amass a tremendous amount of knowledge that affords them the wisdom to assist you with choosing the best piece of jewellery. They also take the time to get to know you.

They listen to your story and ask questions to help them determine what types of jewellery you would be most interested in. They value each customer and try to turn them into lifelong clients.

2. You get to know the people behind the products

Shopping at your local jewellery store affords you the opportunity to meet and get to know the people behind the products. Meeting the person who created your engagement ring is a wonderful experience as it’s a story that the two of you now share forever.

Local jewellers value their customers and their passion creates newfound respect for what they do. To a local jeweller, a customer is more than just the next potential sale. You become an integral part of their family and are highly valued for your support, trust, and faith.

3. Exceptional Customer Service

The level of service at a local jeweller is second to none. Local Jewellers are very customer orientated. They place an exceptionally high premium on customer satisfaction and tend to be more patient and understanding of your needs.

They are more likely to go the extra mile to ensure that every single customer leaves their store happy and completely satisfied with their custom made jewellery.

4. Builds a life-long relationship of trust

Local jewellers prefer to build lifelong relationships with their customers. This turns customers into clients. They create and nurture this bond by always being ethical, honest and having the client’s best interest at heart.

They try to learn as much as possible to ensure that your custom work of art suits you perfectly.

Tailored jewellers know that the value of fine jewellery goes beyond the price tag.

They understand and respect that a custom piece of jewellery is a treasure to the client and holds great sentimental value. That is why they pride themselves on always delivering bespoke jewellery that meets your expectations.

5. Several perks to buying locally

There are often many perks to shopping at a local jeweller, most of which you won’t get at commercial jewellery stores. Many local jewellers offer a warranty or other types of protection to safeguard your jewellery. Some even go as far as providing jewellery insurance covering loss or damage.

Your local jeweller may also offer a free cleaning and inspection service for your engagement ring. This removes the hassle of having to clean it yourself or pay for the additional cleaning service elsewhere.

Tailored jewellers are often more willing to assist you and tend to be more patient and respectful. They understand the significance of bespoke jewellery and do their utmost best to ensure that you find a piece that you are completely happy with.

6. Personalised Services

The most enticing reason to opt for a local jeweller is the personalised service. From the moment you make contact, you become a priority. They pay attention and learn as much as they can to offer the best advice possible.

Each piece of jewellery is personalised to your exact specifications to bring your vision to life. Tailored jewellers understand that buying fine jewellery is a personal experience so they go above and beyond to ensure that your expectations are met.

You will also have a place to make upgrades or enhancements to your jewellery throughout its lifetime. What better person to make those upgrades than the person who created it?

The tailored jeweller who created the piece will have intimate knowledge of it – making him/her the best person for the task. And since you’ve built a great relationship, he/she will understand your needs better.

7. Local jewellers are passionate about bespoke jewellery

Custom jewellers are all about creating masterfully crafted works of art. Each piece of fine jewellery is created from a place of passion and love for what they do. This is why they spend decades perfecting their skills.

They understand the financial and emotional significance of custom made jewellery so they invest countless hours to design and create masterpieces.

Buying from a local jeweller isn’t just another sales transaction. To a tailored jeweller, it is an opportunity to showcase their skill and create something unique and amazing. It is meant to be a mutually beneficial experience that is fulfilling for both of you.

8. Truly unique one-of-a-kind pieces

Opting for a custom made piece of jewellery allows for a truly unique piece that speaks to you. It is a physical representation of your idea and becomes an extension of yourself. This gives it tremendous sentimental value – making it something you will treasure throughout your life.

You also have the option to tailor or enhance an existing design to suit your needs. Often you’ll see a piece that looks exquisite but is lacking something that appeals to you. A custom jeweller can offer guidance and tailor a piece that best suits your personal inclinations.

9. Better quality craftsmanship

Tailored jewellers are masters of their craft. They aren’t salespeople; they are gemmologists and artists – experts in their field and highly respected for their expertise. The quality of their work is impeccable and detailed.

Custom jewellers have the uncanny ability to interpret your idea and turn it into something truly amazing and awe-inspiring. This comes from years of experience and a deep desire to create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.

10. Better quality gemstones and cuts

A key benefit of buying from a local jeweller is the quality of the gemstones. Custom jewellers place a high premium on the quality of their stones to ensure they sparkle with great brilliance.

Commercial gemstones tend to be poorly cut and cloudy as they are low-quality stones that are mass-produced. A bespoke jeweller always tries to source the finest quality gems with amazing clarity and little to no inflections and flaws.

The cut of a gemstone is extremely important. The proper cut allows a stone to sparkle with amazing brilliance and showcases its mesmerising colour. Custom jewellers understand this and go to great lengths to ensure that each stone is symmetrical and displays the gemstone’s most exquisite features.

Let’s turn your dream into a reality

At Ickinger, our professional jewellers strive to create intricate and beautiful pieces of bespoke jewellery that speaks to you. We are a team of highly trained experts that have spent years perfecting our skills to ensure that you find a custom piece of jewellery that best suits you.

Our passion burns brightly and our only goal is to create stunning jewellery that sparkles and shines with amazing brilliance. Each piece is painstakingly created with meticulous care and scrupulous attention to detail to ensure that they far exceed your expectations.

From an elegant one-of-a-kind engagement ring adorned with an exquisite round brilliant cut diamond, to a pair of contemporary rose gold stud earrings, we have fine jewellery to suit all tastes and style inclinations. Each piece is uniquely designed to dazzle and amaze.

They are more than just pieces of jewellery, they are works of art that are expressions of our commitment to excellence and our desire to deliver fine jewellery that evokes an emotional connection.

Our team of jewellers have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years and are more than happy to assist you with finding a great piece that most appeals to you. We understand and appreciate that choosing a piece of fine jewellery is a very personal experience and we are more than happy to assist you on this journey.

For more information or assistance with finding your next piece of custom made jewellery, please get in touch and allow one of our experts to assist you with making a well-informed decision.

We take great pride in our work and do our utmost to guarantee that each piece of jewellery that leaves our store is of the finest quality possible. But above all else, we value YOU, our customer. Your faith and trust are what drives us to create stunning jewellery.

We refine our skills and strive for proficiency to ensure that your dream is realised and that you have an amazing piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime. We have a vast and ever-expanding range of custom made jewellery that is sure to have something that appeals to you.

Feel free to browse our collection to find your next piece of bespoke jewellery.